10 Best Insurance Companies To Work For In 2022 (Top Rated Firms)

Best Insurance Companies

1. Lemonade Insurance Company

About the Company: Founded by Shai Wininger and Daniel Schreiber, Lemonade Insurance Company offers services that make its name apt. Founded in 2015, the company has grown exponentially and offers consumers car insurance, term life insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and renters’ insurance in the United States. Meanwhile, it provides renters’ insurance in France and contents’ liability policies in the Netherlands and Germany.

Why it’s a great place to work: Lemonade Insurance Company prides itself as an AI-powered insurance company driven by social good, with a Giveback program that donates leftover funds to charities customers choose. But what makes it tick? Employees have a mission to work towards and a real sense of purpose. In addition to all of these – the salary meets the industry standard, and the opportunity and culture are unique.

2. Progressive

About the company: Progressive insurance is an insurance company founded in 1937. Their goal is to offer the best insurance services and great work so that they are consumers and insurance agents’ number one choice. Progressive provides home and auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and more.

Why it’s a great place to work: Progressive insurance values their employees being themselves and bringing their strengths to work. Progressive holds itself and its employees accountable to stick to its core values. Progressive’s core values are integrity, golden rule, objectives, excellence, and profit. A career at progressive also offers excellent benefits such as financial wellbeing programs which provide tuition assistance, fair base pay, 401(k) retirement plans, and an annual bonus program. Benefits include health, vision, and dental care, health savings accounts, mental health support, fitness centers, maternity support, 19 PTO days in your first years, and much more.

3. Allianz

About the company: Allianz is an insurance company founded in 1890. They offer property and casualty insurance, health and life insurance, and business insurance. Their goal is to help secure their customer’s future, so they feel more comfortable about their future.

Why it’s a great place to work: Allianz is a top-rated place to work. They have programs to get their foot in the insurance world so that students and recent graduates can get their foot in the door. Allianz also has an excellent benefits package for their employees. Some of the benefits included when you work at Allianz are health care coverage, which provides vision and dental, medical leave and long term disability, wellness programs, employer matches RRSPs, annual bonus incentives, financial support for licensing, flexible work options, and much more.

4. Farmers Insurance

About the company: Farmers Insurance is an insurance company founded in 1928. Farmers Insurance provides home, life, auto, business, and even pet insurance. Farmers’ goal is to meet the insurance needs of Americans by giving them quality insurance at an affordable price.

Why it’s a great place to work: Farmers Insurance is one of the best insurance companies to work for because they promote their employees having a healthy work/life balance. A job at Farmers comes with great benefits, such as a minimum of 19 paid vacation days up to a maximum of 34 paid vacations days per year based on your company tenure. Farmers also offer comprehensive benefits packages to their employees, including health insurance with vision and dental coverage, health and financial savings accounts, and various wellness programs. In addition, employees grow their careers at Farmers and are also eligible to receive annual bonuses.

5. State Farm

About the company: State Farm Insurance is a significant and well-known insurance company founded in 1922. State Farm Insurance offers different types of insurance such as home, auto, life, small business, health, and disability insurance. State Farms wants to give its customers quality insurance and give back to the community.

Why it’s a great place to work: State Farm Insurance is a great place to grow your career because they pride themselves on being good neighbors. State Farm offers excellent benefits to its employee to reward them for all their hard work. State Farm is known for having a great training program to make sure that you can comfortably do a great job. In addition, employees get competitive wages. State Farm also wants their employees to have an excellent work-life balance, so part of the benefits of working at State Farm is paid time off, health benefits packages including vision and dental, and tuition aid.

6. Liberty Mutual

About the company: Liberty Mutual Insurance was founded in 1912. They offer different types of insurance from home, auto, life, critical illness, pet, and tuition insurance. Liberty Mutual wants to help you save money while still receiving good insurance coverage.

Why it’s a great place to work: Liberty Mutual is known for being a great place to work because the environment is easygoing with friendly people. Liberty mutual offers their employees security because they know that progress happens. Liberty Mutual has great benefits programs for their employees, including insurance coverage for vision, health, dental, disability, employee assistance plans, retirement benefit plans, paid time off, and variable incentives rewarded for good work.


About the company: USAA Insurance was founded in 1922. USAA offers a wide range of insurance coverages such as home, auto, life, health, and travel. USAA’s goal is to help protect the things that mean the most to you in your life. USAA Insurance also comes with great savings.

Why it’s a great place to work: USAA is one of the top leading insurance companies to work for in the USA. A job at USAA gives you great benefits and perk for yourself and your family. USAA puts their employee first to give them the most care and support to provide for the customers. In addition, one of USAA’s main values is diversity and inclusion. Some benefits you get from working at USAA Insurance are medical and dental insurance coverage, RSPs, paid time off, recognition programs, access to fitness centers and personal trainers, college admission assistance, and a tremendous ongoing training program so you can keep improving yourself.

8. Pure Group of Insurance Companies

About the company: Pure Group of Insurance Companies was founded in 2006. Pure offers multiple insurance coverages, including home, auto, cyber and fraud, jewelry, art and collectible insurance, and more. Pure’s goal is to give their customers affordable insurance that is high quality. They do this by being picky with who they will provide insurance to. As a result, fewer claims mean better, cheaper insurance.

Why it’s a great place to work: Pure Group of Insurance Companies is named one of the top insurance companies to work at. Pure has principles set that its employees follow, which makes the environment at Pure a great one to work in. The principle is, do the right thing always, think about the long term, balance the needs of each member, which are the needs of the entire membership, and align interest with interdependent stakeholders.

9. Nationwide

About the company: Nationwide insurance was founded in 1922. Nationwide offers home, auto, boat, life, pet, identity theft insurance, and more. Nationwide Insurance wants to help you protect your life and prepare for the unexpected future.

Why it’s a great place to work: Nationwide is a great place to work because they believe in investing in their employees to be happy and do their best work. Nationwide has a total rewards package that includes many great benefits such as paid time off that you can earn as soon as you begin working at Nationwide, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, family medical spending accounts, and retirement reimbursements plans. Nationwide also invest in employee learning by offering 100% tuition coverage and 50% textbook coverage for undergrad and graduate courses. They also give up to $5250 per year of professional designation courses.

10. Travelers

About the company: Travelers insurance was founded in 1853. Travelers insurance provides their customers with auto, home, landlord, valuable items, travel, pet insurance, and more. Travelers’ goal is to help you keep peace of mind and know your security because the future is so unexpected.

Why it’s a great place to work: Travelers is a great place to start out and grow your career in insurance. The company is known for being an excellent place to work because of the friendly and inclusive environment. In addition, travelers encourage their employees to be the best version of themselves by investing in benefits packages to support their employees. Some benefits you could get as a Travelers employee are comprehensive health benefits packages including medical, dental, and vision, prescription drug coverage, flexible spending accounts, paid holiday and paid time off, home and auto insurance discounts, education assistance programs, and many more.

11. Blue Shield of California

About the company: Blue Shield of California was founded in 1939. The insurance company provides medical insurance to individuals and families. Coverage includes dental, vision, and life insurance. Blue Shield offers plans to help lower the cost of insurance for Californians.

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