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Learn Data Management, a Cross between IT and Business Fields

topmaxtech.info – Nowadays, almost everything is done online, including the input of personal data on a website or application. Well, data management is a practice that organizes these data sets so that they can be accessed safely and in an organized manner.

This data management is very important and useful, especially in terms of a company’s business. This is because the majority of important business decisions will be centered on this data.

How could it not be, customer information and anything related to daily business is spread across thousands or millions of data.

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What is Data Management?

According to NG Data, data management is an administrative process to ensure data is reliable, easily accessible, and up-to-date in terms of time.

This process includes acquiring, validating, storing and protecting, and processing the required data.

This arrangement is very important, considering that almost all large companies are now using big data for their business.

Big data itself according to SAS is a term that describes data in very large volumes, so it cannot be analyzed using traditional methods.

If utilized and managed properly, this big data can later make it easier for small and large companies to make business decisions.

In addition, it also helps to know customer behavior, improve customer experience, know what is trending, and much more.

Although it affects the company in terms of business, this job is the full responsibility of the IT department.

The core of the job is that they need to make the system of the application or website as effective as possible, so that the information that needs to be analyzed can be accessed easily and the content is reliable.

The Importance of Data Management

As reported by Tech Target, data is getting more and more valuable as a company asset that can be used for various things.

Starting from making business decisions based on valid information, creating marketing campaigns that are expected to be more effective, even to optimizing time and costs.

These benefits are the main reasons why data management is a must, especially for companies that have to manage thousands or even millions of data every day.

Without effective management, data can be invalid due to lack of accuracy, poor quality, and many other problems.

This will greatly disrupt business operations and can lead to losses.

Selected Systems and Techniques for Data Management

Summarized from Tech Target and Oracle, here are the data management systems that are quite effective and most often used.

  1. DBMS
    The first system that can be used for data management is a database management system, especially a relational DBMS.

This system can organize data into rows and columns containing all records in the database.

Apart from relational DBMS, there are many other options that can be considered.

  1. Data integration
    Second is data integration, which is the process of receiving various types of data.

From information collection to processing, the data will be “transformed” so that it can be accessed easily.

  1. Big data management
    In big data management, the main focus is on storing and processing data efficiently and securely.

All of this is done in data lakes or data warehouses.

Now, a data warehouse itself is a method based on relational and columnar databases, displaying data from different operating systems but structured and ready for analysis.

On the other hand, data lakes are big data “pools” used for predictive modeling, machine learning, and other advanced analytics applications.

  1. Data analysis
    Analysis is aimed at finding out new insights or insights about data.

Usually, this process uses analytics, machine learning, and AI (artificial intelligence) visualization to build a model.

That’s a complete explanation of what data management is and its importance for companies.

It can be concluded that data management is a process that must be carried out by both small and large businesses.

Not only does it make work easier, but it can also help companies gain new insights that they might not have thought of before.

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